Full screen command prompt in Windows 7 8

Full screen command prompt in Windows 7

1. Run cmd as administrator.
2. Type in wmic and hit Enter
3. Close the window and open Command Prompt again
4. Now you can maximize the command line to full screen.
Extra: Matrix style command prompt 
1. Right click...

mono_project 3

ASP.NET MVC under Linux with Mono

Setup Mono on your Linux server
1. Install mod_mono
2. Configure mod_mono
3.  Setup your Virtual Host
Prepare your public directory
Make your directory readable by Apache
Create apache configuration file
4. Restart Apache
Upload your ASP.NET MVC application
1. Stuff you need...

How to create outlook meeting request with PHP 980

How to create Outlook meeting request with PHP

I needed to develop a module to a PHP application in which an invitation is sent to two or more participants who use Microsoft Outlook.
The message will arrive appear in Outlook like this:

If you...