Apple TV 2 Untethered Jailbreak on Windows and XBMC media centre installation

Post OUT-OF-DATE. Check this one instead:

Yesterday I got a new Apple TV 2 as a birthday gift and I decided to stick XBMC media centre on it since I already have one on the first generation of Xbox. I thought that would be perfect fanless replacement.

I read a lot of post how to jailbreak it with Pwnage Tool and Seas0nPass but all these methods have two huge disadvantages.

1. These programs come only for Mac computer for now. (I don’t have one)
2. They are tethered, which means everytime you shutdown Apple TV you will have to connect it to the Mac to boot it in jailbreaked mode.

I found little program that is called GreenPois0n and it comes for Mac, Linux and Windows and very little reference on the internet on how to use it. I thought I will give it a go. Program can be downloaded here:

What you need:

1. Micro USB cable – unfortunately it is not supplied with Apple TV 2 so you need to get one or ask your friends. I had one as it came with my Blackberry.
2. iTunes software on your computer.
3. GreenPois0n program (latest version RC6)
4. Find out which version your Apple TV 2 is running  (Settings > General > About) Ideally should be 4.1.1.  Mine came with 4.1 and I had updated it via iTunes to 4.1.1

UPDATE: 10.04.2011

If your version is greater than 4.1.1 skip this tutorial and go here:

Ok let’s do the magic:

Important! I do not take responsibility to any damage you do to your Apple TV 2. Remember, you are doing it at your own risk.
It is highly unlikely to brick it or break it. Never heard of anyone messing up Apple TV 2 yet. You can always restore the firmware to its original state through iTunes.

1. Unplug all cable from Apple TV 2
2. Run the GreenPois0n program and follow instructions

If Jailbreak! button is not active that means you failed to put Apple TV 2 in DFU mode. Try again.  When Apple TV 2 goes into DFU mode the LED light on the front panel flashes rapidly. Make sure that your timing is ok.  I managed to put it in DFU mode on 3rd attempt.

3. Once GreenPois0n is done. Disconnect it and hook it back to your TV.

*When I did mine for the first time it didn’t boot properly. I have noticed that before jailbreaking my version was 4.1. I connected Apple TV 2 back to my PC and did the Restore process through the iTunes. Restore process updated latest Apple TV 2 firmware to 4.1.1. I run Green Pois0n again and it did work.

* Although I haven’t experienced any problems and all worked well once I had 4.1.1 user Fluxx has recommended to wait 40 seconds after the jailbreak is done.

4. Now you should get this option:

5. Click on Inject Software and than Install . Your Apple TV 2 will automatically restart and you will get this new menu item called NitoTV. Select NitoTV and in the submenu select Install Software.  Find XBMC-ATV2 and hit install it.

6. It will automatically download and install XBMC. After install Apple TV 2 will automatically reboot.

Install updatebeGone to disable all Apple updates.


* If you don’t see XBMC in menu option after the installation.
Reboot Apple TV 2 and install again.
It happend to me while jailbreaking aptv2  of one of my friends. If you still get the problems such as:

E: dkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘dpkg –configure –a’ to correct the problem

Check this post:

Skins I have tried that work well on Apple TV 2:

Alaska Revisited


I will be trying to install these too:

Rapier – I used to use in XBMC on my xbox – very responsive

Aeon – my favorite

* You can also log in via SSH to your Apple TV2 :)
1. Find out what IP is assigned to the box:  Settings >Network

2. Use program such as Putty to login

Username: root
Password: alpine

*Also since the TV I hooked up Apple TV 2 to doesn’t have HDMI input I used a converter from HD Fury (version 1) to convert HDMI to VGA. It works perefectly without any additional power supply.

UPDATE: 21.03.2010

Solutions to some common problems:

1. Changing time zone / setting up date and time:

2.  XBMC exiting/crashing is due to the Apple TV 2 updates
This fixes it and gets a rid off the annoying update prompt.

Good Luck!!!

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  • x-boxer

    Thanks for putting this together.
    Will try it when i get home.

    • arturito

      My pleasure.

      • Alex

        Where did you get hdfury from?

  • Gnzl

    y como sacas el audio si transformas a VGA?

    • arturito

      Optical audio a amplificador y no hay ningun problema con sincronía de labios (lipsync)

  • sparkly1982

    This may be a stupid question but I’m new to jailbreaking. Does this add allow me to play all of the formats supported by xbmc? Does airplay still work? I have to say I can’t wait to get home now and try this out. My apple TV has been gathering dust because I don’t get my content from iTunes.

    • arturito

      Yes this will allow you to play all formats supported by xmbc. (Haven’t found yet video or audio format that xbmc doesn’t support)
      I tried airplay and it seems to be working ok. I only used it for about an hour as I’ve got my Apple TV 2 hard wired to my router, so I don’t know if it’s stable in the long term. Remember that once you get xbmc installed it will appear as an item in the Apple TV menu so you will still have an access to Apple TV services.

      • arturito

        By the way, I love this thing and it makes great media centre in my living room.

  • Constance

    Remarkable information and facts! I have been searching for anything like this for quite a while these days. With thanks!

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  • Josh

    Will this break all iTunes/movie rental functionality when you jailbreak it?

    • arturito

      Nope. Xbmc will appear as an option in the original menu.
      Anytime you can exit XBMC and enjoy original functionality of Apple TV.

  • CellBlockB

    Thanks for posting this helpful guide! Just jail broken mine and downloading xbmc…took 5 tries to get it in dfu mode.

  • Tigga

    How did you install the Aeon skin? The XBMC installed on my ATV 2 is Dharma RC2 and it doesn’t allow me to load any skin that is not on the addon section.

    • arturito

      I haven’t installed Aeon yet. I mentioned in this article that I will try it….but I haven’t had a chance yet.
      Shouldn’t be that complicated since this jailbreak gives you full access to files system via ssh.
      I guess there is a possibility to upload it manually.

  • Fluxx

    I just did the Jailbreak (it took me a few times to enter DFU Mode) but finally, Greenpois0n made it. After that I connected my ATV to the TV but there showed up no new menu. :-( Did I something wrong?

    My Firmware is: 4.1.1

    Help me please. :-(

    • Fluxx

      Finally it worked! Attention! It’s very important, that you really wait the 40Seconds after the Jailbreak is finished.
      btw: Nice Tutorial! Keep on going.

      • arturito

        Thanks. I haven’t experienced this problem but I updated this article with your hint.

  • Steve

    I just tried this with my Apple TV 2 – near instant success. One thing that I believe deserves mention, though – NO HI DEF STREAMING. I’m willing to believe it’s the fault of the teeny-tiny ATV2, not XMBC, but I tried to stream 1080p .wmv, .avi, and .mp4 files. .avi was slow as hell, .wmv crashed xmbc every time, and it completely destroyed the audio on the .mp4 (tho it was the only file type where the video didn’t lag).

    Besides that, great guide, great programs, great success. Have to take the ATV2 back to the store though, because of the 1080p issue.

    Looks like I’ll dish out ~500$ for an HTPC :(

    • arturito

      Unfortunately, that’s true. 1080p is slow but 720p is ok. I guess Apple TV 2 is good for people that:
      1. Don’t have space or like the size of APTV2 :)
      2. Normally watch Divx, Xvid encoded videos or 720p mkv’s.
      3. Stream from Internet

      And yes if you are looking for 1080p this product won’t give you what you want.

      • Kokushka

        After jail breaking ATV2, can I do the video streaming of Internet live video (say a live soccer game) from my laptop PC onto a jail broken ATV2. Will my PC laptop and ATV “talk” wirelessly (via router) – I don’t have Mac but PC. Tks

        • arturito

          You can connect your Apple TV 2 via wireless to any PC or laptop that is on the same network to play video, music or view photos that any PC has in the shared folder, whether it is mac, windows or linux. For example today I was showing off capabilities of Apple TV 2 and XBMC to my friends at work. We tried this configuration: We connected Apple TV2 to 1 laptop and 2 PC over wireless. We played movies from laptop, music from the 1st PC and photos from the 2nd PC.

          Regarding streaming TV you would need to search in add-ons a plugin that will stream content directly to Apple TV without needing any PC. I don’t know if you can find plugin that will give you live football but if you can watch it on the website, surely someone made a plugin for it.

          For example here in Spain a lot of people use website like where you have published links to TV Shows uploaded to you can go to their website and watch the TV show in the browser. Not many knows that there is a plugin called pelisalacarta that allows you to stream all content from this website to XBMC and view it on your TV.

      • Kokushka

        Arturito, many thanks for your earlier clarification to my post regarding playing an Internet video streaming such as football to Apple TV2. Since I am very new to this scene of streaming into Apple TV2, do you happen to have any guide or instruction how to trigger on PC to select Apple TV and to start streaming whatever is on the laptop/PC screen onto Apple TV and via HDMI cable onto TV. I would greatly appreciate your help. Is it necessary to install Apple TV client software on PC and then click Apple tv icon on PC in order to start streaming the URL stream to Apple TV2 or is there any other mechanism to do this. Tks much and cheers

      • Kokushka

        Also, would this streaming of URL from PC to Apple TV2 require jailbreak of Apple TV or could this streaming be done without jail breaking? Many thanks again

        • arturito

          Unfortunately original software that comes with Apple TV 2 does not allow you to watch your own movies or stream whatever you like. It only allows you to watch rented movies from iTunes.

          To get it to do a lot more stuff you have to:
          1. Jailbreak Apple TV 2.
          2. Install XBMC which is a software that installs in Apple TV 2:)
          3. Connect Apple TV 2 to your wifi or home network

          Now if you have mac computer or PC, create shared folder on it for example Videos and Music. You don’t need any Apple client. Simply share your media files.

          Turn on Apple TV 2 and start XBMC. Once you are in XBMC watch this video below it explains how to make shared media on your pc visible in XBMC:

          If you want to watch content stream for internet, XBMC in its menu has “Add-ons” . You ho there and it explains you what Add-ons it has and what they do. For example you haver Cartoon Network add-on that streams free animations, etc.

          By the way, one of my friends got some free football through Poma TV add-on.

          Hope this helps!

          • Daryl

            hi i was wondering if you could help i’ve just got a apple tv and i was able to watch films and tv shows on xbmc livedrive however since closing one of the tv shows down every time i try to watch anything else it comes up with a playback fail one or more could not load check log file for details. has anyone any ideas how to get it to work 

          • Anonymous
      • Kokushka

        Tks again, Arthurito.

        Making a Movie folder on my PC is not an issue as, while having my Samsung LED TV, I have a Samsung Share Manager client installed on my PC. That is essentially a repository of all potential video files I want to watch. PC and Samsung TV are both part of the network (TV has a wireless USB dongle on it), so watching the stored movies wirelessly is not an issue and for that I don’t need Apple TV2. Hence my ONLY focus for which I thought ATV2would be useful, was for Internet streaming ONLY. If you get some additional ideas in the future to solve my problem, as the Apple TV evolves in the future (perhaps with new software release for ATV), your suggestions would be invaluable. Many thanks again

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  • JDub

    I’m so lost, I have XBMC up and running on the ATV. But I want to connect it to my Windows computer (on Vista…. yes, Vista, lol) and play files from there. I enabled sharing on the folder that has some videos. So how do I view that in XBMC?

    Any help would be great for a newcomer like me.

    • JDub

      Never mind, totally figured it out now.

      Only other issue is that when I play a downloaded .avi movie, it has this slight hissing sound ever so often. Pretty noticeable. I

      • arturito

        The issue I had with adding network share on Vista was the firewall. When adding source I went to Windows Network (SMB) and it didn’t see Vista PC. If that happens you can always go to “Add network location” and you specify “Server” which will be name or IP of you Vista machine “Share Name” for example “videos” and it is good idea to put username and password to access these shares.

        Do you get the hissing sound playing this avi file on your PC?

        To be honest I have never had any problems with audio or video and I’ve been using XBMC for a long time. Issues I had were normally related to corrupted video files.

  • Jason

    Awesome stuff! Would love to see a tutorial on how to install skin son the XBMC for ATV2

    • arturito

      In the menu of XBMC search for add-ons. At the bottom there are skins that are pre-configured and ready to download.

  • Jarrod

    Fantastic post. Exactly what I was looking for before ordering the Apple TV2. Once XBMC is installed can the USB port be used for an external hard drive or are you still confined to NAS? I have an external hard drive (which requires it’s own power cord) that I would like to attach to the Apple TV2.

    Thanks again for this great post.

  • arturito

    The idea of Apple TV 2 is to stream video over the network so yes you have to either have pc/mac/linux with shared directories or NAS. USB port is available only for maintenance purposes.

    • Jarrod

      Ok. Thanks Arturito.

  • Sosachin

    What about live TV recorded within windows media center via TV tuner? Does that content stream to apple tv xbmc? If that works, I’m buying one tomorrow!

    • arturito

      I’ve never tried it but from what I have read WMC records TV in DVR-MS format and according to various forums it works with XBMC. Not perfectly but it does… as discussed on this forum:
      Mind that this post is from 2006 so by now it should be supported. I will dig out my tv tuner, install WMC and try it out this weekend.
      Will let you know about my findings.

      • sachin

        Thanks! I’m curious to know..I have media center going but want to see if this works with appletv2 prior to purchasing.

        • arturito

          I will know it tomorrow. Will let you know.

          • arturito

            Sorry didn’t get a chance to install WMC. Will try this weekend.

  • Jokkis

    How about doing the apple updates on a jailbroken Apple Tv? So far I have just said NO when it asks, but I am wondering what will happen if I click yes.

    • arturito

      Soon I will add some section to this post with problems I found and their solutions.
      My answer to your question is: Do not update Apple TV as it will update firmware and might ‘break’ the jailbreak. You can turn off Apple TV updates by going to NitoTV>Settings and set iOS updates to ‘Disabled’. Also select ‘Update NitoTV’ and when it is all done hard reboot Apple TV by pulling the power cable out. Did that yesterday and Apple TV stopped asking to update. I will check again today to confirm this problem has been resolved.

      • Jokkis

        Thanks for that, I will turn off updates.

  • rdcaruana

    I tried jailbreaking my atv2 using Seas0npass several times without success. I am excited to try your method. Do I have to restore my atv2 back to the original OS, or can I just run your install?

    • arturito

      Run my install and see what’s going to happen. You can always restore it via iTunes. If you break something and have to restore, download Apple TV 2 firmware first. You will need file:


      This is the latest one that can be jailbroken (I haven’t tried any newer)

      …than open this file with iTunes in order to start restore process.

      This file can be downloaded here:
      If they remove it for some reason use google to find it. Its size should be around 267.02 MB.

      After restore, just follow instructions in this post :)

      Good Luck!

      • davo

        hi there, great guide!

        so is AppleTV2,1_4.2.1_8C154_Restore.ipsw a stock version of iOS? i’m curious as to if there’s a problem with ATV and i need to take it to apple support, would this un-jailbreak ATV and get it to be serviceable? does this method require GP or is it just straight via iTunes?

        also, i’m guessing reading some of the other comments that when a new update comes out for iOS, you would want to wait till dev teams to come up with jailbreak version for that? in that case, do you always need to restore to stock version then re-jailbreak, or can you just apply the jailbroken version of the new iOS?

        thanks in advance!

        • arturito

          AppleTV2,1_4.2.1_8C154_Restore.ipsw is a stock version of iOS.
          It is the same one that iTunes downloads when you do Restore. So If you somehow fail to jailbreak it, you can always restore firmware and try again and yes …. once restored it is serviceable by Apple.
          This article explains it:

          Your guess is right about new iOS updates. You have to wait for dev teams to release jailbreaking program
          that works on a particular version of iOS. At the moment GreenP0ison works for 1_4.2.1 and I have no idea if it works for any higher version.

          So it is recommendable to restore to 1_4.2.1 in case you need to re-jailbreak it.

      • Alex

        Great info!

        One question, I just got my Apple TV and it has software version 4.1, so it needs to be updated.

        I downloaded 4.2.1, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to restore that version of the OS to the Apple TV. Any time I try to open that file, or restore from within iTunes, it starts downloading what I assume is 4.3.

        I’m running iTunes Maybe an older version won’t force a download of the latest IOS??

        Any ideas? Thanks!

        • arturito

          Never tried it so I can’t really comment on it. Check it out and let us know.

    • davo

      oh snap, i didn’t realize 4.2 (2060) as shown on ATV General About is actually 4.3, which GP doesn’t jailbreak atm… and i don’t have the SHSH saved :(

      i guess i have to wait till jailbreak for 4.3 comes out (or are there any way to restore to 4.2.1 without SHSH?)

      • arturito

        Thanks for reminding me about SHSH. Forgot to save mine.
        I see that a lot of people have problem with 4.3 and this jailbreak might not be working for this version.

        If I get time this weekend I get to update my Apple TV and try to jailbreak again. I will post results here.

  • rdcaruana

    I tried jailbreaking twice using the instructions. It says it completed, I wait 40 seconds, unplug usb and plug into tv. it takes a minute or two to boot up, but no greenpois0n on the menu. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

  • rdcaruana

    I forgot to mention I bought my atv2 a couple of days ago. It came with 4.3. I restored to AppleTV2,1_4.2.1_8C154_Restore.ipsw. I can boot up after the restore and it shows 4.2, but after completing the jailbreak, no greenpois0n. I wonder if 40 seconds isn’t enough time.

  • http://- michel73

    thanks for that Guide – it works great.
    I have only the Problem, that i cant see any covers or backround pictures on XBMC.
    I have tried: “movie-name”.tbn, “movie-name”.jpg, fanart.jpg, backdrop.jpg. Also extrathumbs\thumb1.jpg.

    I get no pictures – have anybody ideas

    thanks – michel73

    • arturito

      Create folder for each movie for example “Inception”. Inside place video file and cover named “folder.jpg”.
      This should do.

      • michel73

        And how can i create Background-Pictures?
        Thanks Michel73

        • arturito

          To get this working you need to enable library mode. This way movie covers, info and backgrounds will be downloaded automatically using scrappers. I believe you can also do the same thing as with folder.jpg but stick backdrop.jpg. I will try this tonight and will let you know.

      • michel73

        it doesen’t work – i see no pictures.
        I have also tried using the scrappers – no pictures :-(
        Any ideas?
        Thanks Michel73

        • arturito

          Sticking backdrop.jpg didn’t help.
          But if you activate Library Mode it should do. Remember to set scrappers in the option “Set Content”.
          1. Go to Video – > Files
          2. Highlight your shared folder with movies for example “Videos”
          3. Press and hold Menu
          4. From the pop up menu select “Set Content”
          5. Set content scrapper to IMDB for example and configure options below such as “scan folder names” etc.

          Also in check config in System settings Video>Library

          Let me know if you got this right, otherwise I will post some screenshots.

  • Fluxx


    Since a few days, I got Problems watching Movies over XBMC.
    When I start the Movie I can watch it for about 2-3Mins and after this, it stops.
    Does someone has the same Problem or a solution?
    Regards – Fluxx

  • Fluxx

    Great! I’ll check this tonight.
    Thank you! :-)

    • arturito

      I can confirm that the problem goes away. XBMC has been working flawlessly since yesterday.

      • Fluxx

        It worked fine!

        Thank you. :-)

  • Alex

    Figured it out courtesy of this page:!

    You’ll first need to google and download the ipsw file of your choice (4.2.1).

    Then, after downloading, when in itunes with your Apple TV connected, if on a PC, hold “SHIFT” and click restore and then locate the IPSW file you downloaded and it will restore you to 4.2.1.

    Then run greenpoison as directed.

  • morten

    Has just done this, also in 3rd go with the jailbreak, and it works perfekt, no problems what so ever…

    thank you from sweden

  • ned

    Well, I have come to the conclusion that something so simple that would take 20 min to do, has taken me days is due to me Running Windows 7 64Bit. I see people of youtube with MACs flying through the whole process in 10 min. On MAC’s – itunes and whole systems works beautifully with Apple TV.
    Win 7 and ATV just don’t jive together.
    -Tried GreenP0ison didn’t work. A the end of the process it said ”Complete” but did not hack it.
    – Tried Seas0nPass – went through the motions etc, at first it gave me an error message at the end. Re-did a couple for time it went through the process – no erros, it said ”Complete”, However when I plugged ATV into TV, there waw no change in the menu, exactly the same as before. It’s like the hack was not there.
    – Last resort, tried iREB RC4- to jailbreak it and then sn0wbreeze to hack it. It was nice and easy.
    Hooked up ATV and see the NitoTV in the menu. Now I have to update it and do Install Software –XBMC.

    • Anonymous

      Sn0w Breeze does jailbreak APTV with iOS 4.3 but XBMC doesn’t work well on it yet! That’s why we downgrade to 4.2.1.

  • arturito

    Thank you Ned! One of my friends updated his Apple TV by mistake to the latest version and he brought it to me. I used iREB and Sn0w Breeze and made this tutorial:

    Thanks again!


    Thanks for this man, helpful guide!

  • Landscribe

    Just wanted to say thanks for this series of posts! Got my Apple TV2 4.3.1 working with your instructions. Must say Greepois0n was the best option — could NOT get Sn0wbreeze to work!

  • Micha

    This looks great. Thinking about buying an Apple TV for this.

    I have 3 questions:
    – How long does it take to startup apple TV.
    – Can you control every function of XBMC with the apple remote (since it has only a couple of buttons)
    – Is it possible to control XBMC on Apple TV with a Logitech Harmony control?

    I hope somebody can answer these questions for me.

    • Anonymous

      1. If you keep power off it takes around 20-30 seconds to boot up. If you put it in sleep mode (it is what I do) it is ready in a couple of seconds.
      2. I guess so. For example to get context menu you press and Hold Menu and or Select button for more than 2-3 seconds.
      3. Apparently yes:

      • Micha

        Thanks for your reply!

    • Truck24000

      Yes i have a Harmony remote and it works great LoL

    • Paras Tolani

      20-30 seconds. if you install bluetooth support, it does take some more seconds.
      Every function to control xbmc can be done through apple tv remote ( silver or white)
      And yes, my logitech harmont one works flawlessly with xbmc and on the normal apple tv interface too.

      • Anonymous

        Do you have Apple TV 2G or the first version? I would like to know how the 1st gen performs. HD playback and external usb hdd support. 

  • eMMa

    Great stuff. WHad Win7 64bit installed, so had to use latest itunes, but no problems there.
    .avi files play well, but .iso don’t start or crash after a short while, anyone have any hints ?

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that yesterday as well. Will see what can be done.

  • Kukoogondal

    does it also enable USB, I mean can we use USB to play media on external hard drive

    • Anonymous

      As far as I know the answer is: No.
      USB on Apple TV is just for maintenance.

  • Kevin Zari

    Running 4.1.1 on my ATV2, with XBMC PRE-10.0 Git:4b032be (Compiled: Feb 19 2011).
    Can not seem to get any of the video plugins to work. They list the files, but when it comes to playing/streaming, XBMC throws an error that says can not stream, check the logs.

    Have you success in video plugins?

    • Anonymous

      Yes for some of them I get the same errors as you. (Justin TV for example).
      The problem is that some of these plugins are written for older version of XBMC. So you have two choices:
      1. Downgrade XBMC
      2. Wait for plugin update

  • Nancy6pants

    i have done the jailbreak using green poison and i get it to the end and hit complete then let my apple tv sit for 40 mins to 6 minutes and the light just keeps flashing and never goes solid like it says to in so many of the tutorials.
    I continue and unplug usb plug in the hdmi and it just loads up apple tv like normal.
    what am i doing wrong?

    • Anonymous

      @cc31183fca10625f2f9b87e05fdf2178:disqus What version of Apple TV do you have?

      You can check it by going to Settings>About>

      Take a note of Software Version and hit Select on Software Version so it will reveal Firmware/System

      Post it here an we will be able to help you in one way or another :)

  • Consultpm

    I tried greenpoison many times without success. Then as arturito suggested, I downloaded the older itunes 10.2.1, and now am having trouble ‘restoring’ the apple tv 2 to the older ipsw ios 4.2.1.
    I tunes puts out the error message that I’m not authorized to accept this build.
    What can I do, please??

    • Anonymous

      Could you post the screenshot of the error message or at least write exactly word by word what is says? It should have an error number as well.

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  • jordan

    my plays sound from my mac

    • Anonymous


  • Pr Masters

    When the Apple tv 2 is jailbroken, will it be possible for me to plug in my Media Network Drive via ethernet and select that as a source for media through XBMC or Plex!?

  • James Bardin

    There is two Trojans in this exe… 

    • Anonymous

      There are no trojans in there. I have just checked it. 

  • Xcapelife

    I went through all the steps with apparent success, plugged it back into my TV, and it started up as normal.  It did the time setup, then went in to the normal screen…I don’t understand?!

  • Motley28

    Seas0npass for Windows has been out for some time now.

  • PXB

    I have apple Tv 4.2 (2060) as shown on apple tv,and i cant seem to jailbreak it with greenpois0n RC6 , i got it into DFU mode, hit jailbreak , then says ‘Complete’ , i connect back again to my tv and no greenpois0n nor nitoTv menu shown…….
    Ive tried to jailbreak again about 50 times with no success
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Help ! :(

    • Anonymous

      GreenPois0n for now doesn’t work with your version of Apple TV. Your system version is 4.2 but the IOS would be 4.3. Check the top of this post where it says:

      If your version is greater than 4.1.1 skip this tutorial and go here:

      • PXB

        So shall i jailbreak my apple tv with Seas0nPass 0.7.7 (Untethered) ?…or what shall i do ?

        • Anonymous

          Tried it once but didn’t work for me. Maybe it got better now. 

          Use sn0wbreeze. Link provided above.

  • Anonymous

    We recenylt got atv 2g. It has been jailbroken, xbmc was working fine until the other day it suddenly stopped until now. So we decided to reset the settings, xbmc is still there but when we try to connect to wi-fi, it connects then it goes back to main menu but from that point it gets stuck then tv goes blank, it keeps doing that. It wont even let me do anything. Please help pretty please

    • Anonymous

      Might be something to do with the hardware. I have never seen it going blank. What I would do is:

      1. Connect aptv 2g to iTunes and do the complete restore of the firmware.
      Download the same firmware that you have in your Apple TV 2G:

      How to check version: 
      Firmware download: 

      Form iTunes hold shift and click Restore. 

      It will ask you for the firmware file.

      2. Jailbreak it again. 
      3. Stick XBMC on it. 

      If that doesn’t help, I suspect that the hardware might be faulty. I have jailbroken many of them and none had these kind of problems.  

  • Kleam

    I keep getting this message when trying to install XBMC from Putty:

    E: Type ‘.deb’ is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list 


  • Robinnaylor

    hello all having trouble with my apple 2 with jailbreak       when I go to xbmc   it said  no  pvr  add-on  enabled        were do I go from here  any help would be thankful      first time user     step by step     thanks

    • R2D2

      Sorry haven’t used the PVR features yet.

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