Apple TV 2G Untethered Jailbreak And XBMC Installation iOS 4.3 With Sn0wBreeze

UPDATE 07.03.2012

This post is out-of date:
Please check:

UPDATE: 10.01.2012

As you can see this post is quite old now so this method might not work for you as Apple keeps updating their Apple TV 2G.
Please find out first which version of Apple TV 2G you have. To get this info check this one: 

If your System Version is greater than 4.3 instructions in  this tutorial won’t work for you. Shortly I will be posting an update.
If your System Version is 4.3 you can go ahead:

In one of my previous post I explained how to jailbreak Apple TV 2G and install XBMC on it.

This has been some time ago and it worked for Apple TV2G version 4.1.1 and below. I used GreenP0ison RC6.
Since then Apple has release version 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3) and GreenP0ison can’t do the jailbreak of this version.  I’ve heard that Sn0w Breeze can jailbreak the latest (4.3) Apple TV 2G software version and I have decided to try it:

What we need is:

1. iTunes installed
2. iREB-r4
3. sn0wbreeze-v2.5.1
4. AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F202_Restore.ipsw

You can google these or simply download zip file with all files apart from iTunes:

1. Unpack it all and run iREB-r4. Connect only USB cable.

2. Click on Apple TV2

3. Once in DFU mode you will get this:

4.  Ok so before we go to iTunes and do Restore let’s prepare firmware. Let’s launch Sn0wBreeze :

5. Clicking in the link to download IPSWs didn’t work for me so that’s why we got firmware downloaded before. Click on Browse and point to the firmware file: AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F202_Restore.ipsw

6. Hit Continue and be patient. It might take sometime

7.  In your desktop there should be file called: sn0wbreeze_Apple TV 2-4.3.ipsw. Hit OK.

8. You should get this message:

9. Now got your iTunes and in the right sidebar select Apple TV

10. Hold SHIFT button and press Restore
11. Select sn0wbreeze_Apple TV 2-4.3.ipsw located on your Desktop and wait until the process is complete.
12. Now when you connect Apple TV2G to your TV you should get NitoTV . To install XBMC go to

and jump to step 4.
Before leaving any questions in comments please post your System and Software Version. You can get that information by following this guide: 

Good Luck! :)

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  • Fluxx

    Hello Arturito
    Thank you for your Tutorial.
    Actually, I had a Error Message on iTunes for Windows with Error 16xx. But the Jailbreak worked.
    After that, I connected the ATV to my TV. (Connection just via HDMI Cable)
    I installed XBMC and wanted to add my USB HD which is connected directly to my Router via USB.
    Already there I had some problems. With the last Version of ATV and XBMC I just clicked on Browse for SMB I there I found my Harddisk. Everything worked fine than.
    So I did the same thing today with the new Version of ATV but there appeared always an Error.
    Finally, I figured out, how to add the USB Drive manually.

    After that, I wanted to watch a movie, but when I started the movie, I just got this Error.

    I checked the Audio Settings but I can’t find a Error.

    After all this, I decided to restore the hole ATV but this time, I used Pwnge Tool, which worked fine without any Error Message on at the end of the restore.
    But sadly, I got the same problems as before. Audio and SMB Browse Problems.

    I also uninstalled XBMC a few times but no success.

    Do you have any idea?

    Thank you very much.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting. To be honest I did the whole process on my friend’s Apple TV very quickly and I haven’t tried to map any drives or play any files. Will check this out tonight and see what can be done about these errors. Seems like Apple is battling with jailbreakers and doesn’t want us to use XBMC.

      • Fluxx

        Thank you very much.
        Maybe I should downgrade? But I’ll wait for your test.

        • Enz

          Gday fellas,
          I’ve just gone and bought one of these units and gone through the guide here..It all works well up to the itunes restore when all I keep getting is the dreaded Restore  Error 3194 .Have tried everything I could google including modding the “hosts” file,using tiny umbrella,removing and re-installing latest Itunes (twice!) AT my wits end.Can any kind soul help me ?

      • Quinn

        I have been unable to to get video to play.

        I am using a Macbook OS 10.7.1( where videos are stored)
        aTV2 is JB and running aTV Flash (black) beta 6
        Preferences I have share enabled and have click on SMB

        i go into XBMC>videos>files>add videos>browse>windows network (smb)

        and then i get error 2: share not available

        please help been trying since June…

        • Anonymous

          Are you trying over wifi or LAN? If you are connecting over the wifi, disable it and wire your devices, then try  and see if it gives you the same problem. 

          Also on your Apple TV go to NitoTV and update xbmc. 

    • Gudix85

      I have the same problem? Any solution?

      • Fluxx

        Hi Gudix85
        I did a downgrad to iOS 4.2.1 (4.1.1 on aTV) and keep on it.
        I heard rumors, that there will be a new Build of XMBC this Weekend. But I don’t know if it’s true or not. We’ll know next monday. :-)

  • CzechMarty

    Seems like I’m running into the same problem like Fluxx.
    One important question – in ATV “About section” I have following
    Apple TV software 4.2.1 (2100)
    But when click select on remote, I will see
    OS Build version 4.3 (8F202)
    I tried greenpois0n before I coun’t get it to work, but I was able to get the XBMC in with Seas0nPass-win. However, the XBMC refused to play any MKV files.

    • Anonymous

      This jailbreak is for your version of Apple TV but as I mentioned before I will check this out tonight. Greenpois0n won’t work with 4.2.1 (2100). The important thing is (once you got XMBC installed with NitoTV) to install little package called updatesBeGone that is available in NitoTV.

      • Czechmarty

        Thanks for the responses guys. Well, it seems like I’m stuck for this moment as XBMC does not work (doesn’t support h.264 decoding and AC3/DTS pass thru) on 4.3. I’m not sure whether the ATV came already with 4.3 or I accidentally updated the system, but either way I do not have the SHSH blobs do downgrade to 4.2.1.
        Any ideas???

        • Fluxx

          Puh. Then it’s gonna be difficult.
          Do you have a Mac or Windows?

          • Czechmarty

            I found the original 4.2.1 software here:

            I hope it will work. Jailbreak and then restore in iTunes with pointing it to this file.
            I’m on Windows.

          • Fluxx

            I guess this restore won’t work. Without SHSH Blobs I think it won’t work.
            If you would have been on Mac, Plex would be a possible solution.
            Good Luck with the restore.

          • CzechMarty

            It did!! Confirmed. The ipsw file from the link will revert your ATV back to 4.1.1/4.2.1 (soft/iOS).
            Now I can play again!!

          • Anonymous

            Sweet! Thanks for that! I thought it wasn’t possible without SHSH blobs. Last night I checked Apple TV of my friend and yes it had the same symptoms. Audio device error. I have read that Sn0wBreeze messes up audio and only XBMC nightly builds are prepared for 4.3. I will give it a go now.

          • Fluxx

            Not only Sn0wBreeze. Also Pwnge Tool messes up Audio.

          • Anonymous
          • Fluxx

            Just did the Downgrade to 4.2.1 as well and guess what. Everything works fine again. =)
            So I guess we have to wait until XBMC is compatible with 4.3

        • Anonymous

          I still have my friend’s Apple TV with iOS 4.3 and this jailbreak. When I get home I will try it out and let you know.

          • Czechmarty

            Thanks buddy!! Please keep us posted.

    • Fluxx

      I think the reason, why you see 4.3 (8F202) it’s because also the Firmware for Apple TV is made out of 4.3. I think that’s why it shows up 4.3.

  • Fluxx

    Hey Guys
    Now, I know the reason, why h.264 decoding and AC3/DTS pass thru does not work for CzechMarty.
    XBMC is official not ready for 4.2.1 (2100) yet.
    The only way for h.264 would be Nightly Version and even this version does not support AC3/DTS yet.
    I found this Info in another Blog.

    So if you got the possibility to restore to 4.1.1, do it. =)

    I guess this could also be a reason, why I got these problems on my ATV.

    I’ll try to restore to 4.1.1. Not sure if I saved the SHSH Blogs. If not, i’m screwed. :-/

  • Czechmarty

    Fluxx, what did you use for JB after you restored back to 4.1.1/4.2.1? Greenpois0n(GP)?

    I tried Seas0nPass (SP), and ended up with 4.3 system again. I assume the SP contacts Apple server, downloads the latest firmware and modify it. (Here is why I ended up with 4.3 in the first place).
    I will have to give GP another try. I tried it before, but couldn’t get it to work, but I think that was because I was already on 4.3, just didn’t notice that.

    • Anonymous

      Can you guys try this one:

      Apple TV2G I was fixing had 4.2.1 (2100) software version. I assume that iOS version it was running was 4.3.

      I managed to reverse iOS version to 4.2.1 without SHSH blobs and jailbreak it again with GreenPois0n. No Audio Device Error and plays MKV as before.

      • Czechmarty

        That is exactly what I was fixing to do tonight when I get home from work. I will post the results after that.

        • Anonymous

          I asked about Apple TV2G software version and iOS 4.3 here

          If it is true that 4.2.1 (2100) software version only runs on iOS 4.3 there is a way to load previous firmware without SHSH blobs and jailbreak Apple TV 2G again using this method.

          • Fluxx

            Just to repeat all:
            – iOS 4.2.1 = 4.1.1 on aTV
            – iOS 4.3 = 4.2.1 on aTV
            – iOS 4.3.1 = 4.2.1 on aTV (is this true?)

            – iOS 4.2.1 (4.1.1 on aTV) is not signed yet. Downgrade from iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.2.1 possible without SHSH Blobs possible.

            So we all have to hurry up this saving the SHSH Blobs from iOS 4.2.1

            – Jailbreak of iOS 4.2.1 (4.1.1) is possible with Greenpois0n

            – Jailbreak of iOS 4.3 (4.2.1) is possible with Sn0wbreeze or PwngeTool (but still Problems with Audio Error and no support for MKV)

            So I think that’s all.

            Arturito, are you agree with me?

          • Anonymous

            Yeap. You got it right!

        • Anonymous

          If it works for you that means we are saved! :)

    • Fluxx

      Hey hey. Sorry for the late answer.
      I used Greenpois0n to jailbreak 4.1.1. (iOS 4.2.1)

  • andropple

    I plan to purchase an apple tv, but meaby i’ll use it without an internet connection, it is possible to mount a usb flashdisk and play all media from it after installing xbmc?

    • Fluxx

      Hello Andropple
      Actually, aTV has no USB Connection Port for “normal” USB Sticks. Just a Micro USB Connection Port is integrated. So you wont be able to mount a USB Flashdisk.
      aTV has an integrated Flashdisk with arround 8GB. The only way is to copy your files on the integrated Flashdisk and use XBMC to play them directly from you integrated Flashdisk.
      I recommend to use your aTV with at least a LAN Connection. It makes life much easier.

      • andropple

        Thx for the fast response, Fluxx.
        So the only way is to copy media files from my PC to aTV via micro USB cable. I have a 1 Mbps internet connection that I believe capable on playing 480p video from Youtube on my 32″ LCD TV. I’ll never pay extra for content, except my internet bill. Is it any way to download media files directly from aTV and play them later?

        • Fluxx

          Actually, the speed of you Internet-Connection isn’t important for streaming movies over you local network. That means, if you have a maybe a USB HD Connected to your Router and you add this USB HD as a Source in your XMBC, than you should be able to watch your movies properly.

      • Fritz

        how about using microusb to usb host adapter?

  • Fluxx

    Puh, that’s a good question.
    I never tried this. But I’m not sure if aTV will recognize the usb device.
    You can have a try. But I think it wont work.
    Good Luck anyway.

  • Aulax

    I want to thank you for taking the time to put all of this together, but has anyone else actually gotten this to work? I have 2 AppleTV Gen 2’s that I am trying to jailbreak. I have followed all of the steps on this web site and the different articles, but with no success.

    I am running this via Windows 7 with iTunes 10.2.1. Everything goes well until the restore process, then I get the an error 3194 from iTunes during the verification process. I have turned off my Windows firewall. Not sure what else to try. Have you added anything to your Hosts file?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for delay. 

      Whenever you restore a stock or custom IPSW of any firmware on your iDevice, iTunes request Apple servers to sign the IPSW with the ECID (Exclusive Chip ID) of your iDevice which is called SHSH Blob. As soon as new firmware gets released, Apple stops signing your ECID for old firmwares which result in iTunes 3194 error.
      Try this:
      1. Download and install iTunes on your Windows machine.
      2. Open Notepad with Administrator rights.
      3. Now, click on File menu and open the ‘hosts’ file from the following path.


      4. Copy this address and paste it in ‘hosts’ file.


      5. Save the file on same location. Restart the computer.
      6. Connect your iDevice to computer and try to restore or update it to the newer firmware.

      • Aulax

        Thanks for the response. I had tried that as well without success. I did some more research and finally was able to get my Apple TV’s jailbroken. Here are the steps I took that worked:

        1. Completely uninstalled the old version of iTunes, and installed the latest version.

        2. Restored my Apple TV’s to factory default using iTunes.

        HINT: One of the YouTube videos I found stated that if your Apple TV would not connect correctly in iTunes via the USB cable ONLY or you had trouble getting to go into DFU mode, then you should return the unit to factory default, and then try again. **

        3. Downloaded the latest version of Seas0nPass from Firecore.

        4. Ran Seas0nPass, this downloaded a version of the Apple TV firmware, AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F305_Restore and then created the patched version.

        5. This is where I found some information very helpful, it was recommended you then conduct a restore using the downloaded firmware, which I did.

        HINT: Seas0nPass downloads a version of the Apple TV firmware, it will place this in the Seas0nPass folder, which is usually created in the My Documents folder.

        6. When the restore of the downloaded firmware finished, leave the unit in DFU mode.

        7. Start Seas0nPass, it will re-build the IPSW and connect to the Apple TV and download a kernel patch.

        8. You will then be prompted to open iTunes and complete the restore using the patched IPSW.

        I did this on both of my Apple TV Gen 2’s with success. I noticed that on the 2nd unit, I had to run through the steps twice, for some reason on step 6, the unit did not stay in DFU mode, and not matter what I did it would not go back into it. I just re-ran the whole process and it worked.

        • Anonymous

          Glad you got sorted.

          Thanks for sharing!

        • DoubleJ9000

          After trying the Snowbreeze method several times without success (always got the 3194 error), I was able to jailbreak my ATV2 with Seasonpass.  How did you install XBMC after jailbreaking with Seasonpass?

        • Ed

          i just bought an aTV, have not been able to jailbreak it with the methods explained here or with greenp0ison… any suggestions?

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  • Derivi

    Hi all,
    Am I the only one that can’t open the iREB-r4.exe file. I’ve even tried with winebottler and it wont open.

    Any ideas?


  • Mikestuff_99

    Can anybody help? I am trying to Jailbreak my atv, i am using greenpoison, i go through all the process, put it in dfu mode, then i click Jailbreak, wait for that to go through, once Jailbreak is complete i leave it for about a minute, when i plug it into my tv, everything is just the same i dont get the greenpoison tab to Inject software?????

  • hadooj

    I keep getting the same error message every time during the final steps in itunes (error 11)….the only thing that’s different is that i’m on version 4.4.4 (3330)….is there a different process to jb this version or could i just be doing something wrong? 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, there is a different process. I’m working on the step by step tutorial. It will be available tomorrow. 

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