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Funny SQL jokes 7

Funny SQL jokes

Just a bunch of sql jokes that I found on the net and I thought they are funny.

Then the wife writes the below query:

A SQL query goes into a bar, walks up to...

Google builds self driving car 10

Google builds self driving car

“Autonomous cars are years from mass production, but technologists who have long dreamed of them believe that they can transform society as profoundly as the Internet has. Now the NY Times reports that Google...

World's First Cyborg Rat 9

World's First Cyborg Rat

“Kevin Warwick, once a cyborg and still a researcher in cybernetics at the University of Reading, has been working on creating biological neural networks that can control machines. He and his team have taken...

Rewiring a Damaged Brain 5

Rewiring a Damaged Brain

“Researchers in the Midwest are developing microelectronic circuitry to guide the growth of axons in a brain damaged by trauma. The goal is to¬†rewire the brain connectivity and bypass the damaged region in order...